Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cleaning my Act!

Hey! I'm back and so is my tummy! LOL! (for those not so internet savvy, LOL means Laughing Out Loud, oh why not just type hehehe? would have conveyed same message, right? whatever!) I am done with my bulking phase and I must say I gained a bit of muscle and a lot of fat around the waist. I've been eating a lot and sad to say been drinking a lot too! But for whatever reason the scales says I only gain around 5 lbs, so that puts me around 155ish. I would love to continue gaining some muscle but the gut on my waist is just too disgusting to look at and I really want to see my abs so I decided to alter my plans.

I will be doing cardio seriously and cut my calorie intake for two weeks in hopes of getting rid of the fat. I will be taking BCAAs to hold on the minuscule muscle I gained so far. From then I will be bulking again but this time do it with clean diet and no alcohol consumption. My sister sent the supplements I ordered and so far they're quite good and looks promising. I have some whey protein,egg and milk protein, casein, nitric oxide, creatine and bcaas. The money spent will serve as a motivation to really put my time on my workouts hahaha (why not LOL?, told you its the same). I have already started doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) everyday. It is a program where you do an exercise at full strength, say sprinting for 30 seconds which will get your heart rate racing then jog in place for another 30 seconds enough to catch your breath, then go at full speed again. You can vary the intensity and intervals according to your needs and capacity, be creative. For the last 5 days, I've been sprinting up and down a 40-step stairs, five times, then immediately proceed to doing jumping ropes for a minute then jog in place and do it again 5 times. It is not for the weak and lame! The real battle, I guess would be on the diet end of the story.
For the last couple of months I've been eating a lot of meat and white rice, consuming a lot of protein drinks as I bulk up (see picture, Left picture was taken last Jan and the one on the Right just this Friday. Did I gain some after 8 weeks? LOL, there's the lol again!) I am pretty confident I will not have problems cutting on my rice intake, there's always tomatoes and green leafy veggies as substitute, the real problem, as always, would be the ice cold Red Horse. I heard some health buffs, they turn into some hermit while cutting. Cutting not just calories but ties and relationships as well. The calorie deficit makes one very irritable, and out of sync. So sad! It couldn't be that bad. Well, I just have to live with that, the headaches and such but we all need friends and relationships to help us through. To hell with hermits! I'll have my tuna belly and tomatoes now. God bless!

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