Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pre-Christmas Workout Intensity

It's exactly 50 days ago when I injured my right hand and I tried working out today with the help of my personal spotters hehehe. You guys know who you are. Many thanks! Actually, it's not a full workout, I only did squats, about 60% of the load I was doing before my injury; also did dumbbell press but only on my left hand. I also did a little leg extensions and cardio. All in all, it's a great workout in the sense that I was actually using my barbell and dumbbells again! I just missed the feeling after workouts and to feel it again today, albeit not that much, it's just exhilarating!

I had the latest x-ray results of my hand last week and although it still is fractured (according to the doctor who read the film, are they doctors? LOL), there are visible callus formations which for your information, are what we see as woven bone in x-ray films usually about 6 weeks from injury. This is eventually replaced by a mature "lamellar" bone. So I decided to forgo with the operation and let the bone heal naturally. I can use my hand with sufficient weight to strengthen the new bone but it will take about 4 months from injury before I can get around 80% of my original bone strength. It sounds like too far from now but I think I wont feel the boredom as long as I can do minimal workouts like what I did today.

Last week, I finally was able to hurdle my personal goal of taking the stairs up to my office (16th floor) and back to ground floor 5 times, for a total of 10 ways. I was calling that goal, "strive for five." It was very fulfilling and surprisingly, it wasn't as tiring as I expected it to be. I just have to raise the bar again and try to take out "mix with six." I will try to hurdle that in two weeks time, barring any unforeseen injuries, knocks on wood!

I will be making these intensified exercises so my conscience will not bother me come Christmas party time. LOL!

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