Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alcohol consumption update

Forty five days had passed when I reassessed my drinking habits and it's been one hell of a ride. I know, talking about it in my blog is easy but actually doing it in reality is another story. It really ain't easy, in fact, the night after I wrote that blog about minimizing drinking alcoholic beverage, I had 3 bottles before sleeping. Talk about not living what you are preaching. In 45 days, I had a drink in half of those days, meaning a drink every other day. That's a lot of drinking considering I am working out, having my master's degree, and a 6-day-a-week work. No wonder I missed days just being in my room lying down and watching television. Having a log of my drinking days, number of bottles and reasons I was drank is very helpful and I found out a lot of things.

First, although I was drinking half of the time, the amount of beer I was consuming was significantly going less than I was usually consuming before this resolution. Maybe it was a conscious effort on my part to lessen it and the fact that my LOG is in my subconscious the whole time I was drinking really help. I am already satisfied nowadays with 3 to 4 bottles 500ml of Red Horse Beer when I would be equally satiated with 5 to 6 a month ago, that's a drop of almost 50 percent if you do the math. Second, as I studied the reasons why I had been drinking, I found out these are the common causes: a spat with my beau, a lonely night and nothing to do in my room especially on days i leave work early, day-offs, and just plain stupidity. Reasons which can easily be solved. A little argument, is just that, a little argument, everyone experiences that and it fades as both persons mature. As for the boredom during day-offs and nothing to do, I called up the cable guy for a subscription, ESPN, Solar Sports and Basketball TV will surely glue me in front my TV, didn't I mention I'm a sports guy? And if the cable is not enough, I enrolled in a local gym for my workouts, wow this is really getting serious. And as for the stupidity part, I don't know what to do with that, you gotta slip once in a while, you know.

So I think another month should pass by before I post another before and after picture, a copy of my month-long diet and workout log, and as promised my alcohol consumption log. In the meantime, lets watch the LAKERS roll!!! God Bless

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